Whose headband would you wear?

One from former “O.C.” star, DUI offender and Keds shoe spokesmodel Mischa Barton.

Or one from red-carpet-monger Phoebe Price, the shameless self-promotional girl known solely for looking ridiculous all over Hollywood.

Kind of a toss-up, isn’t it?

Both ladies have new headband lines. Mischa teamed up with designer Stacey Lapidus to do a line of silk, feather, crystal and pearl headbands, priced from $40 to $200.

Barton’s bands sell at Hilary Rush in LA and Charlotte Ronson in New York. No word on price, but Phoebe says that her new headband line is sold at Rouge, H. Lorenzo and Jennifer Kaufman.

Phoebe insists she’s already made thousands of dollars from the line and she even wore one to the Sunday night Emmy Awards.

Click here to watch this priceless video of Phoebe showing her headbands to a video cameraman and offering to help TMZ honcho Harvey Levin with his makeup.

Harvey, you should totally take her up on this offer. Talk about must-see-TV. We’d kill to see you made over by Phoebe Price.

Click here to see Phoebe — again wearing one of her headbands — at the Rouge boutique in Beverly Hills checking on her wares.

Why do we suspect Price’s headgear is there on consignment?

Photos: WireImage

To see more photos of Phoebe’s headbands, keep reading. You know you want to.




Photos: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead