The "Bobby" press junket was so packed Friday that the Four Season’s garage was full, parking attendants were turning limos away and a dozen paparazzi had the ritzy hotel staked out, their long lenses aimed at the glass-doored entrance.

No wonder considering the film’s cast:  Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Harry Belafonte, William H. Macey, Heather Graham, Helen Hunt, Martin Sheen, Christian Slater and Freddie Rodriquez and oh yeah, an actress named Lindsay Lohan.

I parked on the street and headed up to the 14th floor to the "Bobby" press room to try to speak to writer/director Emilio Estevez. Estevez also acts in the film, playing the henpecked husband of an aging raging alcoholic singer played by Demi Moore.

The film premiered Wednesday at the Mann Chinese but Estevez was hard to find at the Roosevelt Hotel afterparty. And I was dying to know why he’d cut his own big scene – a very powerful and heartbreaking scene that was in the version I saw a few weeks earlier. But I was told no, Emilio was way too busy today and they’d make sure he called me Monday. Yeah, right.

Anyway, It takes forever to get up or down on the Four Season’s elevators and I was now officially late for a luncheon interiew with Micheal Sheen, who plays
Prime Minister Tony Blair in "The Queen" in the hotel restaurant on the
ground floor.

Desperate, I hopped on an up car when I really needed a down. There are only 15 floors so I knew I’d be going down fast. The elevator went to 15 and when the doors opened, who was standing there but Emilio, all by himself with no handlers to shoo me away.

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]]> "Just the man I need to talk to," I exclaimed and quickly hopped off the elevator, introduced myself and asked why he’d made that cut. Emilio smiled and shrugged and explained.

"It’s all about the mix and the big picture, not just one performance.There are some amazing moments in the film for all the actors. And I just felt that taking out my scene helped the flow of the story. And you still see my character as he’s leaving the hotel and he literally bumps into Sirhan Sirhan. He’s the guy who doesn’t get on the plane, the guy who wakes up the next morning, watches the news and finds out what happened."

Heading back down on the elevator after my moment with Emilio, another reporter offered his opinion. "It was probably a lot easier for Emilio to cut his own scene than one of his A list cast, most of whom were working basically for free."

He’s got a point. But I like Emilio’s explanation better.

Photo Credits: Emilio and his dedicated diva Sharon Stone at the Hollywood Awards
Steve Granitz/WireImage

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