” star Adrianne Palicki will reprise her role as Jess, Sam’s love who was killed off in the pilot, for one episode this fall.

But fans are now wondering, why the frick is she coming back? We’re guessing it’s not going to be good news for Sammy.

Last we saw the Winchester brothers, Lucifer was rising to wreak

havoc, and we can’t help but think he might have something to do with Jess’ return. After all, it was Jess’ death that prompted Sam to leave

his “normal” life behind and join Dean in the family business. What

better way to mess with Sam’s head than to have his dead girlfriend


We already saw the damage done to Sam’s mental state when the hallucinations of ghosts past confronted him during his detox. Sam’s bound to be in a delicate state after

that experience, not to mention now knowing that Ruby was playing him all


What do you think? Will the Devil

have Jess haunt Sam in order to push the poor boy right over the edge?

Or do you suspect Jess is showing up for some other strange purpose?

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh