Why is Scarlett Johansson helping hot young aspiring “If I Can Dream” actor Ben Elliott rehearse his lines — in his bedroom?

And why don’t you ever see anyone watching TV on the web-based reality show? And what goes on regularly in the “Dream” den involving a saxophone?

Those are just a few mysteries we uncovered (and solved) when we toured the house and met the stars of “American Idol” creator  Simon Fuller‘s latest brainchild, “If I Can Dream,” a web-based reality TV show that lets viewers see what it would be like to be a young person, trying to make it in Hollywood.

Living in a Hollywood Hills home festooned with 63 cameras and mics capturing their every move and sound  24/7 are brunette model Giglianne Braga, aspiring actors Ben Elliot and blonde Kara Killmer, and musician Alex Lambert. whom you may recall from “American Idol.”

]]>Justin Gaston, best known for being Miley Cyrus‘ ex, was initially a resident until he went on tour and is now in Nashville writing songs for his new album. With a new short haircut, we found out!  There is (in case you were wondering) one bathroom without cameras or mics. But that’s it. All the other baths and rooms are in view. And even outside by the pool overlooking the wooded canyon, there are camouflaged  cameras tucked in trees and hedges. During my tour of the house a few days ago, Alex admitted to finding a new cam outside his room. And Ben thought he’d found one camera-free spot in the patio perfect to hook up with a date. Ooops. Not quite. The cameras still found him. These kids are all amazingly talented and driven and have the luxury of living in a spectacular house, and being given opportunities, mentors and instructions that they would have never been able to get or even afford on their own.They can focus on their careers and their craft 24/7without the distraction of having to wait tables, bartend or walk dogs to pay the bills. Recently, Kara bravely turned down a role in a film because it required nudity whereas Giglianne just shot a risque photo for a skin cancer campaign that will be on a T-shirt sold in every Marc Jacobs store. Justin is  loving being in the studio working on his first album. And Ben is going on auditions and taking acting classes (along with Kara) when he’s not rehearsing with Scarlett Johansson. You have to watch the videos to see what that relationship is all about, as well as why they don’t watch TV and what the sax is used for. Even though their personal and professional lives are under scrutiny on the “If I Can Dream” website, they all admit they’re already living the dream. Watch the videos for up-close and personal chat with the stars.  We’ll be bringing you reports on these up-and-comers lives and careers for the weeks to come. So check back for updates.  And be sure to watch these kids lives on Hulu.com Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead