Wilfred-FX.jpgThe next Aussie import to hit U.S. airwaves comes to us in June, when “Wilfred” begins airing on FX.

]]>Jason Gann promises a smarter version as well. Zap2it spoke with Gann and Elijah Wood, who co-star in this off-beat comedy about a man, a man-dog and an unlikely friendship. “The Aussie version had no rules,” Gann explains. “We had nudity and obscenities and pretty much it was all about the dog. This series is more about — it goes into the psychology of where Wilfred came from, and we see Wilfred through the eyes of this guy who’s going through these personal problems. “It’s just a lot smarter of a show,” he adds. “There’s a lot more planning and developments gone into it.” The series follows a dog named Wilfred (Gann), who is seen to the world as a normal dog. But to Ryan (Wood), he’s a grown man dressed in a dog suit. The Australian show centered on the relationship between Wilfred’s female owner and her new boyfriend, causing tension between the two males as they compete for attention. A budding friendship, however, will be the focus of the U.S. version. “It was more of a love triangle between the guy the girl and the dog,” Gann explains of the original series. “We may get there eventually, and there’s certainly an attraction, an element of it. This is more of a buddy comedy.” “It’s really smart, it’s really psychological and really often creepy,” he continues. “But the golden rule above all of that is that it’s gotta be funny. We laugh a lot.” There’s been concerns that Americans won’t understand the humor associated with the program, but Gann and Wood are happy to report that audience reactions so far have been extremely positive.   “There are quite a few people that have already seen the pilot and I think — we’re not concerned, but we sort of figured it was one of those shows that would take a few episodes in to really kind of grasp the concept,” Wood says. “Everyone that’s seen the pilot seems to really understand it immediately, and it seems to resonate with people. They find it really funny.” The FX brand of comedy is a specific one, so we’re inclined to believe that if you fancy “The League” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Wilfred” should be a nice addition to your routine when it begins airing in June. We’ve posted our interview with the duo, as well as a promotional clip from the show below.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci