will arnett halloween live with kelly and michael gi Will Arnett: 'I'm not a huge Halloween fan'

You would think an actor like Will Arnett would be all about Halloween. The star of “Arrested Development” and new series, “The Millers,” isn’t a big fan of the holiday though. He is, at least, willing to take his sons trick-or-treating.

Arnett made his stunning Halloween revelation when he was a guest on Wednesday’s (Oct. 30) “Live with Kelly and Michael.” Seeing as it was the day before Halloween, questions about that holiday came quickly.

Mostly, Arnett talked about coming up with costumes for his two sons — both of whom insisted on two separate costumes. Apparently kids have a school costume and a trick-or-treating costume these days? Whether this is a widespread phenomenon or not, Arnett’s sons (from his marriage with Amy Poehler) will be Iron Man and a skeleton for school, Batman and Robin for the trick-or-treating.

It will probably be the younger son getting stuck with Robin too. “I feel kind of bad,” Arnett admitted. “I feel like I’m trying to convince my youngest to be Robin.” Will Arnett did not mention how that was going.

As for himself, Arnett can take or leave Halloween. He never was a big costume and Halloween guy, it seems. “I’m not a huge Halloween fan,” he said. When asked about childhood costumes, all Arnett could come up with was the following: “My parents put a cowboy hat on me and I went as J.R. Ewing from ‘Dallas.'”

Posted by:Laurel Brown