Barackobama_nicolassarkozy Now that new mom Amy Poehlers off “Saturday Night Live," will someone take her place as co-anchor of "SNL’s" popular "Weekend Update" segment?

And more important, will Sen. Barack Obama appear on the show this weekend?

The answers are no and maybe.

"SNL" creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels tells the New York Post that "Update" anchor Seth Meyers will fly solo for the foreseeable future. Although the show is adding new female cast members soon.

And Michaels didn’t confirm or deny rumors that Democratic presidential nominee and reported front-runner Barack Obama would appear on the series   on Nov. 1, reportedly in a skit with Darrell Hammond, presumably playing John McCain.

"I heard the rumors about him, and there were also rumors about John McCain coming on the show as well," he said. "Again, I’m not being coy, but until people are in the building. . . . Twice we expected Obama, but he had to cancel. Once because of the hurricane [last August] and again because of his trip to Hawaii [to visit his ailing grandmother last week]. "And," he added, "we never announce anything."

Apparently, Barack is not that fond of Fred Armisen’s impression of him. The Post reports:
"I’ve got to say," Obama told an interviewer last week, "compared to Tina Fey and what she’s doing with Gov. Palin, my imitator isn’t doing as great of a job. I do know that my ears have been getting bigger and bigger on that show each episode. I’m sure they’ll get it right over time."

I personally don’t think Obama will appear on Saturday. Although maybe he will, just to stop Armisen’s big-eared impersonation. And there are also some rumors about Michaels donating money to Obama’s campaign? Hmmm.

What do you think?

Should Obama go on "SNL" just days before the Nov. 4 election? Could it hurt or help him?

Photos: No, this is not Barack Obama rehearsing an "SNL" skit with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. It’s the real thing. You can tell because his ears aren’t huge.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead