brandi jarrod married to the job season 1 finale Will 'Brandi & Jarrod' elope in Season 2? Season 1 finale cliffhanger says maybe“Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job” Season 1 has been all about Brandi and Jarrod planning their wedding. They’ve been a couple for 15 years, own a business and have two children together, yet they’ve never gotten married. The big day is imminent, but viewers will have to wait for Season 2 to actually see their favorite “Storage Wars” buyers walk down the aisle.

On the Season 1 finale, the wedding plans continued with Jarrod being put in charge of the drinks at the reception, which hopefully he’ll be better at than when he did the bar for the engagement party. His call for that affair was four different kinds of boxed wine. Brandi has demanded better for the wedding reception (as well she should).

Of course, Brandi doesn’t do much better when she decides to design some signature cocktails for the reception and dubs them “old balls” and “blue balls.” Classy, right?

jarrod brandi caricature married to the job Will 'Brandi & Jarrod' elope in Season 2? Season 1 finale cliffhanger says maybeThe other conundrum of the episode is Jarrod really wanting some sort of entertainment for the reception, so they let a magician, a stilt walker and a caricature artist audition to be the reception entertainment. It’s a lot of fun, but Brandi says no to all of them. Frankly, the caricature artist has our vote — the drawing of B&J as Roger and Jessica Rabbit is amazing.

Later, Brandi finds out the entertainers did not audition for free, plus Jarrod sent his doofy friend Bozak to bartending school for the wedding reception. All told, it cost $1150. To this, Brandi says, “I think I just had a rage stroke. … I can think of 1150 reasons to kick Jarrod’s a** right now.”

When confronted, Jarrod actually says to her, “I want the best for this wedding. There were a lot of people willing to audition for free, probably, but I don’t want those people. I want the good people.”

But after this fight, Jarrod decides he and Brandi need to just jump in the car, not plan anything and get married on the fly somewhere. Brandi says, “I’m not sure how to feel about this.”

So, what will Season 2 bring? An elopement? Stay tuned.

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