"24" star Mary Lynn Rajskub talked about the possibility of Kiefer Sutherland leaving the fast-paced espionage show, the show going on without him (as he has said it could), and whether or not she could be the new Jack Bauer.

She said she thinks Kiefer was being honest when he made the remarks about the show being able to go on without him, but thinks he's being modest.

 As for her character, does she think Chloe would take over Jack's job?

"Oh, I don't know," she said, adding that it would depend on a number of things.

Do you think Chloe would make a great Jack?

Is there anyone else on the show who might step into Jack Bauer's shoes if Kiefer gets himself REALLY killed off?

If Kiefer leaves for good, should the show find a new star?

Any suggestions?

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