Why does Tom Cruise love his New Best Friend Will Smith? Because he’s funny! When over-the-top Will acts silly, it’s amusing, not embarrassing. Like here on the SAG carpet presenting the new Jada Pinkett-Smith life-size scowling wife Barbie doll. If Tom did this with Katie, it just wouldn’t work. Comedy is about proportions. Tom is shorter than Katie so he would  have to be the mini-husband Ken doll, see, and he wouldn’t get it. Just wouldn’t get it. Maybe if Tom hangs out with Will more, like he did at the Santa Barbara Festival on Saturday, some of Will’s comedic timing will rub off on him.

Photo Credits: Voila! My creation! Will jokes with Jada at the SAGs Sunday. The couple spent Saturday night up in Santa Barbara at the film festival where Will was presented with his Modern Master award by their NBSF (new best scientologist friend) Tom Cruise. "Honey, it’s Tom calling. Yes, again. I know, I know.  I’ll tell him you’re busy. Hey, Tom.. Yeah, no, Will’s not home. Yeah, Saturday night was so fun. Thanks again for presenting. I’ll have him call you when he gets home."   
Dan McMedan/WireImage

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