will ferrell2 320 Will Ferrell on 'The Office': Get your first look at the new Dunder Mifflin managerMichael’s proposal on “The Office” Thursday night (March 24)? Sure, that was great. But what about Will Ferrell?

NBC gave us our first glimpse of Ferrell on “The Office” at the end of Thursday’s episode. Ferrell, who’s a good friend of departing star Steve Carell, asked if he could do anything around Carell’s final episodes, and the show’s team said yes. Thus, he’s doing a four-episode arc on the show, starting with the next new episode on April 14.

(Some spoilers for Thursday’s episode are below. Proceed with caution if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Here’s what we know: He’s playing another Dunder Mifflin manager who comes in to help out as Michael (Carell) prepares to move to Colorado with Holly (Amy Ryan). And based on the teaser NBC showed us at the end of Thursday’s show, Michael is very happy to have him there. In the promo (which you can watch below), Ferrell’s character tries to bring Michael into a hug. Michael rebuffs him, but as he turns away, Michael embraces him from behind, and Ferrell wraps his arms behind him.

It’s quite touching.

We also know that Ferrell’s character won’t be the permanent replacement for Michael on “The Office.” He’s doing his arc as a fan of the show and a tribute to his friend, and as far as anyone knows that will be that. He’ll be on the show for the three episodes leading up to Carell’s departure on April 28 and one more after that.

Here’s the teaser NBC aired after Thursday’s episode.

Posted by:Rick Porter