will ferrell george w bush Will Ferrell's George W. Bush also has an important announcementHe didn’t get to take part in the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but George W. Bush has been overseeing a tactical operation of his own.

The former president — OK, it’s Will Ferrell trotting out his Bush impression one more time — made his own special announcement from the dining room of a Sizzler via Funny or Die. It seems that he has finally rid his home of a menacing gopher he named “Ardilla” (which is, in fact, the Spanish word for gopher).

“This gopher has been responsible for terrorizing Laura’s fruit trees and digging up holes all over the yard,” Ferrell-as-Bush says. But acting on intelligence provided by his gardener, he has now been able to neutralize the threat.

Ardilla was buried “in accordance with gopher burial traditions,” he notes. “He was wrapped in a bathroom mat and thrown in my neighbor’s yard.”

So, you know, more good news. The full statement is below.

Posted by:Rick Porter