Will Posh snag Gwen’s designer? According to several British papers, Victoria Beckham’s brand new clothing line may get a major boost if she succeeds in hiring former model/drag queen Zaldy Goco, best known as Gwen Stefani‘s former stylist/designer for her wildly successful L.A.M.B.  line.

Frankly, I can’t think of two more disparate styles than sleek/chic Posh and eccentric/edgey Gwen. But the drag queen influence may be just what the doctor ordered for Posh’s clothing  collection, which will hopefully fare better than her reality TV show concept about her (yawn) move to LA.

Apparently, her best shopping pal, Katie Holmes, isn’t going to be in the reality show in part because she is now esconced in her new life in Shreveport, Louisiana. She’s shooting her new movie there and was recently seen (gasp!) shopping at a local Target store.  Hope Posh doesn’t hear about that. She’d probably think, "You can lead a horse to couture, but you can’t make ’em chic."


Photo Credits: Posh’s sleek style couldn’t be further from Gwen’s outlandish theatrics. But will a dose of Stefani help Posh’s staid fashion line?
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead