Gently caressing her little naked gold man outside the Governors Ball, Oscar winner Helen Mirren, a little chilly in her Christian LaCroix gown confessed, "I must knit him a little outfit. Perhaps a pair of stripey shorts."

On her nod to Queen Elizabeth acceptance speech: "I had to represent the film, my director and producers, my country and the Queen of England, so it was quite a reponsiblity. But thanks to Ellen, it didn’t seem that stressful. She did an incredible job. She looked like she was enjoying it and she made everyone relax. There was no bitchiness there and that made it easier."

On her next role, something a bit less .. stately: "I’m not in my heart a stately person, but I have to see what goes along."

And the inevitable "How do you feel?":  "I feel wonderful! And slightly  in disbelief. Despite the fact that everyone said I was going to win.  Even the immigration officer at LAX said, "you’re going to win. It was, Welcome to America and you’re going to win! Ordinary people all along the way have been so encouraging and so supportive. I think it’s marvelous that America gets all caught up in the Oscars. There is nothing like the Oscars and never will be."

Photo Credits: Helen finally gets a chance to relax at the last pit stop of the night, Vanity Fair’s after-bash at Morton’s.
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead