Will.i.am made a video about an alleged attack on Perez Hilton, refuting the allegation and accusing him of lying to get media attention.

In the video on TMZ.com, he refers to Perez tweeting about the attack as "twitting," which in this case, may be an accurate description.

Then Perez fired back. But after watching Perez Hilton's 12-minute F-bomb tirade of a video about the alleged attack, calling Will.i.am, a "heat-seeking missile," and "a coward and disgusting human being for lying," we kinda want to slap the blogger too.

]]>Beware if you go to TMZ to watch Perez's profane and annoying, whiny baby act…

But it's almost worth it to hear such powerful phrases as:

"Blood should never be drawn."

"This is why people die."

Perez actually admits he called Will.i.am the F-word, a very uncool and inappropriate sexuality slur.

Words can hurt people, too, Perez.

What do you think? Who's right and who's wrong? And is it time celebrities stood up to Perez? Tell us!

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead