Harder to get in than Vanity Fair’s Oscar bash! More fun than a big Hollywood premiere! Possibly more star-studded than the upcoming Emmy red carpet!

What is it? The legendary Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual Installation Luncheon to be held on August 17 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The event honors the new slate of HFPA officers/board of directors for 2006-07. But then comes the fun part: the presentation of financial grants to non-profit organizations and film schools.

Jacknichol_weeks_8006797_600Last year Brad Pitt – still a little under the weather from his run-in with a nasty viral meningitis – showed up on July 20 to pocket the donation check for Martin Scorsese‘s Film Foundation. 

But this year Jack Nicholson will pick up the Film Foundation’s check. Which of course, has everyone wondering if he’ll reprise his infamous Golden Globes mooning act. With Jack, you just never know.

Annette Bening will accept the check for Film Aid International and “Dream Girls” director Bill Condon will grab Outfest’s check.

Dustin Hoffman is slotted for the LA Conservancy and Lisa Kudrow is coming for Inner-City Arts.  James Franco (“Flyboys”) is doing the California State Summer School Arts Foundation.

Diane Lane – who reportedly does a great Norma Desmondesque turn in the upcoming "Hollywoodland" with Ben Affleck as George Reeves – will accept the American Cinematheque’s check.

Christina Ricci is in charge of grabbing the moola for the Sundance Film Institute. Mark Ruffalo will be on hand to take home Independent Feature Project West’s donation.

Photo Credits: Heeeeeere’s Jack, in the front row at his daughter’s recent LA fashion show. But will he do another moon shot for the HFPA’s upcoming Intallation Luncheon?
WireImage/Chris Weeks

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