Will Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie fans ever agree that both women may have played a part in the breakup of Jen’s marriage to Brad Pitt?

Probably not.

Check out this gallery to see the hot guys in Jen and Angie’s lives.

Interestingly, there are some suspected and some confirmed on-set romances in both gals’ pasts.

We’re talking Clive Owen, Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell, Jonny Lee Miller. And that’s just Angie’s scorecard.

Although Angie definitely had the most costar conquests, Jen has a few good notches.

Will Jen find long term happiness with John Mayer, her latest squeeze? Probably not.

But one of Jen’s former flames, Tate Donovan, now a star in his own right on the FX show, "Damages," is available again.

Tate dated Aniston from 1995 to 1998. He eventually got married in Malibu in 2005. But he just got divorced in September. Could he and Jen rekindle their relationship?

Not likely. Tate told OK!,  “She likes top notch hotels and luxury. I like bed and breakfasts and riding my bike. "That’s the most shallow version of it, but it’s indicative of our personalities."

But Donovan is keen for his former Friends co-star Aniston to join him on "Damages.” After all, he appeared on a few episodes of “Friends” as Rachel Green’s boyfriend.

"Jen would be fantastic. I’ll have her people contact the show’s people," he said. "It will happen. It’d be great."

Maybe not so great. Her recent appearance on “30 Rock” didn’t boost their ratings one bit.

The episode with Aniston as a stalker obsessed with Tina Fey’s boss, played by Alec Baldwin, hit a season-low, just 7.5 million viewers, Nielsen estimates report.

Which bodes ill for her upcoming “Marley and Me” romantic comedy with Owen Wilson.

Okay, enough about box office. Who do you think Jennifer should date? Time to play match-maker.

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