johnny depp mad hatter Will Johnny Depp walk out on the Queen of England?Johnny Depp says he has never seen any of his films. Hates seeing himself onscreen. Seriously hates it. When he attends his own premieres, he walks the carpet but slips away before the film actually starts.

But what will he do tonight at the Royal Gala premiere of “Alice in Wonderland,” hosted by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall?
This may be a bit tricky.

]]>Will Johnny do the royal pre-festivities and sneak out of the theatre before the movie starts?  Will Entertainment Tonight — and Mary Hart — in London for the premiere, keep an eye on Johnny’s whereabouts?

Walking out on the royal family — and perhaps the Queen of England herself — simply must be against protocol, no?
Perhaps because the event raises funds for the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts, Johnny will make an exception and sit through “Alice in Wonderland.” 
Wear shades, Johnny. Then you can close your eyes when you’re onscreen and  no one will be the wiser.
Photo: Entertainment Weekly