kim richards getty out rehab Will Kim Richards be able to stay sober in LA? Weigh in!“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards has had some fairly obvious substance abuse issues (obvious, at least, to those watching her from home, if not her family members), so we were glad to hear that the reality star was seeking treatment back in December.

Richards entered a 30-day rehab program, though not without protest — word is she tried to leave on several occasions and was forced into the arrangement by Bravo as producers tried to avoid a second “RHOBH” tragedy.

Upon leaving rehab, Richards immediately stepped back into the spotlight. She’d been out of treatment only a few days when she hit the red carpet at Golden Globes parties over the weekend. “I’m feeling phenomenal,” she told Life & Style at the party. “It’s going really well.” She’d recently hit up Mr. Chow, a paparazzi frenzy, and attended a celebrity gifting suite.

The question remains — will Richards be able to maintain her sobriety and her D-list reality celeb lifestyle? Her family and friends seem to believe she will — but of course, those are the same people who insisted, on camera, that she had no substance abuse problems to begin with.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie