Lindsay Lohan, who has dyed her hair peroxide blond since this Elle fashion shoot, is

seen here not wearing the Dior jewelry that mysteriously went missing.

This bangle

and ring is by Stephen Webster, another bracelet is by Bulgari, and Lohan's wearing her own

bracelet and bangle.

But here's the bigger question: Is she really going to be in Robert Rodriguez's new "Grindhouse" spinoff, "Machete," as reported in the Daily News?

 Rodriguez hinted as much to, saying: "We're casting right now, and the script just came out

great. There are a lot of people we're sending it to, big names — but

nobody that we've signed yet." He added: "Lindsay's cool. There's actually a cool part in the movie for her — if she takes it."

Hah. We doubt she'd turn anything down after nixing the role that went to Heather Graham in the surprise hit "The Hangover."

First, she sweetly told her Twitter followers that her new blond hue was "for a film role." Hmmmm. Now she's announced "Something was made official today!!!!!!!!!" with a link to "Machete's" page.

But beside her name is the word "rumored." And her costars Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez and Jonah Hill are also listed as "rumored."

Sounds fishy to us.

Will this be Lindsay's big comeback? Or another Golden Raspberry winner?

Do you like her better as a redhead or a blond?

Keep reading to see another hot shot  from the Elle shoot…

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Photo credits: Elle magazine, UK.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead