daily show olivia munn 320 Will Olivia Munn pass her 'Daily Show' tryouts?Olivia Munn has a pretty full plate these days.

In addition to her gig as host on G4’s “Attack of the Show!,” her role on next season’s NBC sitcom “Perfect Couples” and appearing in “Iron Man 2,” she’s also adding “The Daily Show” correspondent to her resume.

If she passes tryouts, that is.

A Comedy Central spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that Munn would “try out” on Thursday’s (June 3) show, which the network has done over the years on occasion. While the “The Daily Show” has turned some unknowns into household names (Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms), Munn is the highest profile person to ever go into a trial run as a correspondent (Josh Gad just did so back in May 2009 — although he’s not currently listed on “The Daily Show’s” website as a “News Team” member.)

Jon Stewart introduced Munn as their “newest Senior Asian Correspondent” — her assignment being to report on the Vietnamese fisherman in “The Spilling Fields” along the Gulf Coast. Munn claims to be Vietnamese during her report (and even takes a stab at speaking a couple of so-called Vietnamese sentences), although the actress is actually of Chinese and German-Irish descent.

Munn doesn’t get very far into her report before pretty much all the other “Daily Show” correspondent interrupt her segment one-by-one to explain why they should be doing the segment instead — so Munn gets very little actual speaking time. But she does elicit some solid laughs for her Vietnamese phrases, which obviously contain American curse words.

What do YOU think of Munn’s “The Daily Show” debut? Should she pass tryouts?

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Photo credit: Comedy Central

Posted by:Christine Law