Just in time for the "Twilight" vampire mania, and for fall, top cosmetic companies are introducing goth black lip gloss.

YslglosspurblackLancome’s dark gloss is due out in November, which is also when "Twilight" opens. Their gloss is called Piha Black, meant to be worn over their cherry red Piha Red. The set is already on preorder at lancome.com or exclusively at Bloomies.

And now Yves St. Laurent’s also coming out with a black lip gloss called Pur Black. However, it’s already marked out of stock on the YSL website.

Have "Twilight" legions of fans already snatched up this stuff?

Edward Cullen would totally approve. So would Bella Swan.

What’s next? How about "Twilight"-inspired foundation to give you that deathly pale undead skin? Perhaps eye cream for those seductive dark circles? Maybe contact lenses that can turn your eyes from gold to hungry-and-hunting black?

Some would say it’s just a coincidence that so many deep forest hues are in vogue for fall fashion, including moss green, dark brown, aged rust and ominous black. No, there are darker forces at work here.

Trust me, the "Twilight" fashion and beauty craze has only just begun. Click here for the official movie site to see why …

For all you Robert Pattinson fans, click on Read Full Story below to see the "Twilight" actor, who also played Cedric Diggory in a couple of the "Harry Potter" movies, at the "Harry Potter" photo call a few years ago. This was way before Rob even dreamed of becoming the hot, sexy, undead Edward Cullen.


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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead