scissorhands pattinson Will Robert Pattinson star in 'Edward Scissorhands' remake?Despite a web rumor that has “Twilight: Eclipse” fans all worked up, Robert Pattinson will not star in an upcoming remake of Tim Burton’s 1990 Johnny Depp vehicle “Edward Scissorhands.” While he’s certainly pale enough, and he does have the hair, there is no remake planned at all. Plus, isn’t R-Pattz sick of playing iconic Edwards by now?

]]>Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and Jim Carrey were considered for the role of the unfinished artificial man who shares an unlikely romance with Winona Ryder‘s character. We’re glad the role ultimately went to Depp – and so are his kids. In this video, Depp told The Dish Rag that “Edward Scissorhands” is his kids’ favorite of all of his movies. “They connect with the character, they see something… their dad feeling that isolation and, you know, loneliness… he’s a tragic character.. they bawl.” A low-budget stage version of “Edward Scissorhands” opened Friday (June 25) at the Bayard Studio Theater in Brooklyn. No, R-Pattz isn’t starring in that, either. This rumor has us curious. After the “Twilight” franchise is behind him, what sort of role would you like to see Rob take? If he were to do a remake, what should he do and who should he play? Drop your ideas in the comments.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie