Susan-boyle-kiss Simon Cowell will never forget the day he first heard Susan Boyle sing on "Britain's Got Talent."

"I was bored. I was frustrated," he tells Extra. "And this little old lady comes on stage [and I say,] 'Here we go again. I thought this audition was going to last three seconds. So did the audience. Then she started to sing, and I've never ever felt anything like it in my life."

Simon is thrilled for her success:  "She's a sensation over the world. … I'm really happy for her because she's a really, really sweet person.

"Part of her charm is the fact she is what she is. She's not particularly worried about the way she looks. … She's just someone who loves singing. I don't think she's aware of what's happening to her."

Susan has publicly admitted she's never been kissed, but Cowell says he won't be the first to break the spell.

"American Idol" judge Randy Jackson has a better idea.  He thinks Simon and he should kiss Susan Boyle simultaneously on each cheek.

"I'll fly to London with him. We will sit right beside her and kiss her at the same time."

We have a feeling Susan might be up for it. She's seems like quite a corker.

Who do you think should volunteer to be Susan's first kiss?

Tom Cruise? Ashton Kutcher (he's probably already twittering about it …) Brad Pitt? John Mayer (please, nooooo)? Billy Bob Thornton (ugh, definitely not!)?

Post your suggestions!

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Credit: "Britain's Got Talent."

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead