“Skins” star Hannah Murray is the latest name to fire up the rumor mill for the yet-to-be-cast role of “Doctor Who’s” companion.

If it’s true, then that means Matt Smith, who will take over the TARDIS when David Tennant leaves in 2010, won’t be alone on his time travels. Being a Time Lord can be a lonely business.

Of course, this news comes from Dan Wootton of the British tabloid News of the World, so believe or hope as you will.

Frankly, having Murray cast would be a great move for the producers, who some say were looking at mockney singer Lily Allen to take the role since she had the star power like Billie Piper to bring in the fans. Plus, Murray’s fame could balance out the relative newcomer Matt Smith.

While Murray may not be as globally known as Allen, the “Skins” following should not be underestimated. Murray’s character Cassie Ainsworth was an amazingly charismatic mess.

Cassie had an eating disorder, low self-esteem, substance abuse issues and a tendency to engage in other self-destructive behaviors. But there was something about her love for Sid (Mike Bailey) that was pure. She seemed dreamily upbeat at the same time as being depressed. That’s range.

Want more? Well, a supposed BBC insider said, “Hannah did some challenging stuff in ‘Skins’ and they see her as an up-and-comer.”

Still want more? Well, the tabloid also obtained this picture of Smith and Murray together. Why does this photo exist? Could it be that this photo is the first bit of evidence of the Doctor and his new companion?

Fingers crossed.

Other who’ve been rumored/considered for the part include Georgia Moffett (daughter of Doctor Who No. 5 Peter Davison), Felicity Jones (who appeared in the Season 4 episode of Doctor Who revolving around Agatha Christie) and “Strictly Come Dancing” stars Rachel Stevens and Kelly Brook.

Do you think the rumors are true? Are there any others you think would make a better companion?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen