will smith gi Will Smith is not dead; just latest celebrity death hoax victimSave those “Fresh Prince of No Air” jokes for another day. Turns out Will Smith is alive and breathing despite a profusion of Twitter posts reporting the actor had fallen to his death from a cliff in New Zealand.

The faux news was, according to the Village Voice, first hatched by the site Fakeawish.com — which is (yes, this exists) a fake news generator. Visitors to the site merely enter a celebrity’s first and last name and the site regurgitates a list of fake headlines one can spread to Twitter and Facebook like so many germs. Not only that, but the site generates a somewhat legit-looking article from “Global Associated News” that details the demise of your chosen celeb.

Just for kicks, we put in January Jones’ name and came up with a list of headlines that includes:

January Jones Falls To Her Death In Austria
Actor January Jones hospitalized after traffic altercation
Luxury yacht sinks off coast of St. Tropez France January Jones reported missing
January Jones is new Masturbation World Champion! (really?)
January Jones dies after falling from cliff in New Zealand

None of which, we rush to assure you, contain one bit of veracity — as far as we know.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson