New Line Studio has greenlit “New Year’s Eve”, a spinoff — of sorts — of “Valentine’s Day,” that will also be directed by Garry Marshall. And The Dish Rag got the inside (and exclusive) story from VD screenwriter Katherine Fugat at the film’s LA premiere about her upcoming script and the casting.

The VD sequel will be set in New York on New Year’s Eve, right in the middle of Times Square and the iconic ball drop will no doubt be the finale. Filming starts in November and Fugat says some of the actors from VD will appear in it, but they will play different characters. As in new characters.

]]>That should be nice and confusing. Who would you like to see come back: Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Eric Dane, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel? Definitely let’s have more Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, even though we know they’re both very busy with other projects. But please, no more Ashton Kutcher. 

But here’s the real scoop. According to VD star Hector Elizondo, there’s more than one holiday rom-com sequel coming. He says there were will be several. We smell a franchise! 
What’s next? Mother’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day? Christmas?  Labor Day? Veteran’s Day? Hanakkuh? That might be a very long movie.