jay ryan kristin kreuk batb renewed Will The CW renew all of its shows? Good news for 'Carrie Diaries,' 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Nikita' and moreA new report from Deadline suggests that something unprecedented may be cooking over at The CW. Could the network renew all of its current shows?

“The Vampire Diaries,” “Supernatural,” and “Arrow” have already been renewed for the 2013-2014 season. With “Gossip Girl” over and “90210” ending its run this spring, The CW currently has 5 shows up for possible renewal or cancellation: “The Carrie Diaries,” “Hart of Dixie,” “Cult,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Nikita.”

Thanks to extremely lucrative deals with Hulu and Netflix — not to mention impressive profits from streaming on CWTV.com and The CW app — the network could opt to keep all of its shows going.

Though “Carrie Diaries” has struggled in the Nielsen ratings, it soars online — coming in second only to “The Vampire Diaries” for The CW’s streaming. (Plus, it’s just really, really underrated.) “The Carrie Diaries” also represents an important branding move for The CW, which has staked its reputation on targeting a young, female demographic with glamorous, teen-centric shows.

Nikita‘s” ratings have never been stellar, but they are extremely consistent. The show is a reliable performer for The CW on Friday nights, and a fourth season seems likely, particularly because the show has a strong potential for syndication. Word is that the story will conclude in Season 4, with a shortened final season lasting somewhere between six and thirteen episodes.

Early reports suggested that “Beauty and the Beast” would get the axe, particularly because it hasn’t performed as well as “The Secret Circle” did in its timeslot last season. However, because the show is The CW’s only current offering from CBS Studios (with a few more in the pipeline for pilot season), it is likely to get a pickup. As Deadline reports, keeping the show could be a strategic political move for The CW. It’s also a favorite of The CW president Mark Pedowitz, who was not a “Secret Circle” fan. (He once told press that “The Secret Circle” didn’t have enough good-looking guys or a sense of humor. Ouch.)

At this point, “Hart of Dixie” also looks like a sure thing for pickup. In fact, it’s probably the strongest contender of those not yet renewed, because of strong online play, a consistent viewership, and a relatively low cost to the network.

As for “Cult“… it may be time to start campaigning for star Matt Davis to return to “The Vampire Diaries.” The show’s first season hasn’t performed as well as the network had hoped on the air or online. Though The CW tells us that the show has not been officially canceled, a pickup is unlikely. UPDATE: “Cult” has been canceled.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie