Last weekend in Los Angeles, the group "Inspired by Gillian" hosted a Q&A with former X-Files executive producer/writer Frank
and a screening of the first two movies, all to benefit the organization Neurofibromatosis, Inc.

KTV correspondent and obsessive X-phile Marisa Roffman was front and center as Frank candidly spoke about the Mulder/Scully kiss that could have been, as well as whether or not we’re getting another X-Files movie. Read on for her report…

Chances are, if you’re an X-Files fan, you heard about the alternate hallway scene that
was included on the Blu-ray edition of the first movie, X-Files: Fight
the Future
. Frank received the biggest audience reaction of the day when he revealed
that there are actually more alternate takes — in which Mulder and Scully
kiss!! — that have yet to be leaked. Um, say what? How did TPTB
manage to keep that quiet for 10 years?  "The amazing thing to me is
that they get out, ever," Frank said. "They’re supposed to be under
wraps. In fact, there was a blooper reel that was on the internet for
Fight the Future and the studios didn’t understand where those dailies
came from because they’d supposedly never been printed. It didn’t surprise me at all that [the kiss scenes] hadn’t
gotten out because they were
supposed to be kept secret."

So were any of those takes actually ever
intended to be included in the movie instead of the aborted kiss? Said Spotnitz, "The big debate when the kiss was filmed was
whether [Mulder and Scully] should actually touch lips before the bee
stung her or not. So in that [alternate] take right there, nobody ever
called cut, so they just continued the way they did. There are other
takes where they actually do kiss and the bee sting happens
[after]." That sound you just heard? A million fangirls squee-ing.

As for the fans who are sure we’ll never see a third big screen installment, they should know that while X-Files: I Want to Believe underperformed
domestically, it has grossed more than
double its budget worldwide. And Frank is cautiously optimistic: "I
have no idea if [a third movie] will happen. I think the box office performance [of I Want to Believe] was
a big disappointment for everyone. But I think there are specific
reasons you can point to for why it didn’t perform the way everyone
would have liked it to. Some would have to do with the movie itself.
Some would have to do with the release of the movie. The good news is
the movie is profitable. We’ll see how profitable
it is on DVD. So I think there is a pretty good argument you could make
that another X-Files movie wouldn’t meet the same fate [as X-Files: I
Want to Believe
did]. That’s my feeling. Whether [creator] Chris [Carter] or [stars] David [Duchovny] or
Gillian [Anderson] or the studio agree with me, that’s what I believe. So I would
not be shocked or surprised if the studio came to us in the coming
months to at least start work on another movie… I’m
more optimistic about it than the naysayers, so we’ll see."

As far as
DVD sales go, while the official numbers haven’t been released yet,
I’ve been hearing reports from fans that it’s been sold out in their
local stores, so that seems to be a step in the right direction for a
third movie.

But what do you think? Would you be willing to see an X-Files 3 if
it focused on the mythology of the series? Let’s discuss…
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh