taylor lautner new moon shirtless2 thumb 310x547 3251 thumb 300x529 3252 Will 'Twilight' Taylor Lautner's 'Max Steel' spark teen superhero casting?Hollywood insiders are buzzing about “Twilight: New Moon” star Taylor Lautner being cast as “Max Steel” in a superhero movie about a teen recruited by a secret agency after (the usual story) an accident gifts him with super powers.
Many are wondering if the casting of 17-year-old Taylor signals the end of the old fart superhero and the reign of the hot teen heartthrob superhero.

]]>Fact: the majority of superhero film fans who  go to the theaters are young. Oh, sure, there are still some old superhero geeks like Kevin Smith (joke, Kev). 

But most movie-goers are not baby boomers or even baby boomers’ kids. They are teenagers and young twentysomethings who like to see actors their own age. Not their dads or grandpas.
And judging by the success of “Twilight’s” squeaky-clean romance, these young-uns don’t even want/need to see sex scenes.
And fact: Thanks to Taylor’s addition of 30 some pounds of muscle for his wolf transformation, we’ve witnessed (hubba hubba) what can be done to pump up young the scrawny pupa generation into suitably buff superheroes. 
Perhaps teen stars — thanks to their built-in audience of teenage girls (and guys) — are poised to take over the superhero film genre.
We think so and hope so.
Enough of moody old Christian Bale as “Batman” (get him on some anti-depressants, for God’s sake) and frozen-faced, sinewy Robert Downey Jr as “Iron Man.”  Even Tobey Maguire‘s “Spiderman” is looking a bit soft and over the hill. 
Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are now positively geriatric. We’ll watch their over-the-hill mercenaries in next year’s “The Expendables” giggling at their ageless and enhanced faces. What’s next, walker stunts and wheelchair chase scenes?
And Hugh Jackman as “Wolverine?” OK, he’s still barking hot but he’s cruising into Depends Land. Edward Norton as the Hulk? There’s not enough latex  and FX in the universe to pull that off again
Ryan Reynolds will continue with the new “X-Men”-based “Deadpool” franchise. Well, he had the woof-worthy buff body in “The Proposal,” so maybe he still has a few good years left in him.
But is it enough to make a tired old baby boomer audience go see Green Lantern for the next decade? Or do we need the real fountain of youth for this genre?
Who else is poised to hop on the teen superhero bandwagon? 


How about Astroboy’s Freddie Highmore? Or Harry Treadaway, (Teen Vogue’s 2008 pick) and Jamie Campbell Bower  (also from “New Moon”)?

Don’t forget the musical crossovers, the Jonas Brothers, and new teen hottie Justin Bieber

Oh, and “Twilight” vampire Robert Pattinson could work. He’s not too old yet and he could sure use a little beefing up. He’s starting to pale (sorry) in comparison next to Taylor.

Also on our would-like-to-see young superhero list: Zac Efron, Luke Grimes, Jim Sturgess, and “Harry Potter” star  Rupert Grint, or as we like to call him, the new Anthony Michael Hall.

Any other young actors you’d pay to see as a superhero or teen super villain? Comment and you shall be heard!

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