We’ve spent a lot of time this season bemoaning the fact that House doesn’t seem to know what to do with Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Chase (hopefully that changes somewhat with next week’s episode so stay tuned). But there are a few other characters who aren’t getting the attention or story lines they deserve. Let’s take a look:

Catalina (Nadine Valazquez) on My Name is Earl: After spending last season with Earl either in a jail, in a coma or dealing with Paris Hilton, this comedy is back on track mostly because it has returned to its original premise. Earl is back to his list and the results have been quite hilarious even if last night’s episode was an infomercial for Zales jewelry. But I kind of feel like ever since Randy ended his crush on Catalina, the series hasn’t known quite what to do with her. She zips through scenes, often making some self deprecating remark, but even when the story is ostensibly about her (like her nephew being possessed by the devil), it’s not really about her. I say give Catalina a story line that can stand alone. I mean who wouldn’t love to see Catalina plan her sister’s wedding?

Katherine (Dana Delany) on Desperate Housewives:
Last year she had a front row seat to the season long mystery, this year her entire story line is being jealous of Bree and having a one night stand with an ex-con. She used to scheme and now she pouts. I say give her a crisis that viewers can care about.

Saul (Ron Rifkin) on Brothers & Sisters: He quit the business and now we barely see him. I don’t blame him for telling Nora that he wouldn’t go with her to talk to Ryan’s father but that meant we didn’t see him for an entire episode. The show has hinted that Saul is struggling with retirement and with all the missed opportunities of his life. I would love to see the series explore that more deeply.

Navid (Michael Steger) on 90210:
I’m so happy they recently revealed his long history with Adrianna and those two seem headed for a romance because he was missing from entire episodes. That’s no way to treat somebody in the opening credits. And why don’t we see him doing the school news any more? Shouldn’t he be the one to break the story of the undercover cop? And, while I’m discussing 90210, let me also say that Jessica Walter deserves so much more screen time. On an unrelated note, I would like to start a petition to make Adrianna a regular cast member, who is with me?

What characters do you think are being underutilized on your favorite shows? How would you fix it? Talk about it below.

Quotes of the Week

"So that Brenner guy kind of seems like a dick." Ray to Neela on ER. Oh Ray, truer words were never spoken.

"White people stole jazz, rock and roll, Will Smith and heart disease." Tracy (Tracy Morgan) to Liz on 30 Rock.

"Ted just pulled the greatest train dodge since Stand by Me. Well not the first kid, but the other kids." Barney about Ted not getting married on How I Met Your Mother.

"I want to take a big leap and I want to tell you that you should not move back to Scranton." Alex to Pam on The Office. I have to say that I love the direction the story line is taking. One, because raise your hand if you thought Alex was going to confess his feelings for Pam and two, because I think Alex has a very legitimate point and it places Pam and Jim in a very realistic situation. Pam should take this opportunity to explore the full potential of her art career. What do you think?

"I always blackmail people when I’m nervous. It’s just kind of my go-to." Wilhemina on Ugly Betty. Thanks to Ritchie for the quote.

"And, you know he some kind of alcoholoporno addict. Kind a like a deep woods Duchovony." Dean (Jensen Ackles) to Sam while they discussed if what they were investigating could actually be Bigfoot on Supernatural. Thanks to Sandy for the quote.

"Sorry Hallmark didn’t have a welcome back to earth card." Oliver to Clark on Smallville. Thanks to Brandon for the quote.

"He could be evil in carnage." Kim on Kath & Kim . This one goes out to all the readers who emailed me that they liked Kath & Kim. Thanks to Jason for the quote.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Monday to discuss Anthony Edwards return to ER, what’s happening on Without a Trace and more! Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week. Write me at Have a great weekend.

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