william kate inside royal m 'William & Kate: Inside the Royal Marriage': From 'repliKates' to starting a familyNBC aired a special Tuesday night (Dec. 13) titled “William & Kate: Inside the Royal Marriage,” where Natalie Morales from “Today” took an in-depth look at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s life so far since their April 29, 2011 wedding.

The special looked at every aspect of their lives so far, starting with the wedding. Amanda Ewing, of the Royal School of Needlework, gave an interview about the famous dress worn for the wedding – “It was amazing, it felt like we were in a spy novel,” says Ewing, of the secrecy surrounding Kate’s dress.

Natalie Morales then took us to Angelsey, the small island off the northwest coast of Wales where the royal couple resides. They apparently live in a farmhouse that is accessible only by a dirt road.

Fashion, of course, was a hot topic, as Kate’s fashion choices have become ground-breaking styles all over the world. The special refers to the fervor of women clamoring for her outfits as looking for “repliKates.” Heh.

James Sherwood, Royal fashion historian, also remarks somewhat snarkily, “What was most noticeable at the wedding was the way the Duchess of Cambridge looked instantly, unimpeachably royal. In fact, various members of the Royal family, mentioning no names (Princess Eugenia, Princess Beatrice) don’t have that kind of swan-like deportment and the Duchess of Cambridge has it in spades.”

The special ended by talking about the six weeks they’ll have to spend apart when Prince William is stationed in the Falkland Islands, which is an archipelago located off the southern tip of South America. The show also touched on the pressure they are under to start a family.

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