william shatner adam west salt lake comic con William Shatner, Adam West talk 'Big Bang Theory' cameo possibilities at Salt Lake Comic ConWilliam Shatner, Captain Kirk from the original “Star Trek,” and Adam West, the first famous “Batman,” appeared together for a one-hour panel session at the Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, drawing hundreds of fans.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the two took some time to talk about the one project they did together — “Alexander the Great,” a failed 1968 TV pilot that they both shot before their respective rises to fame on “Star Trek” and “Batman.”

“It was filled with half-naked men and half-naked ladies. At that time, it was considered very racy,” says Shatner, of the failed pilot.

The two also lamented about growing old. The 84-year-old West joked that they each have bad hips, after they swapped hip-replacement surgery stories. But they also say the lessons that they’ve learned over the years are timeless.

“I always have the same doubts, the same fears, the same nervousness, if you will, the same lack of confidence in what I may do next may not be good enough. I think that is very important to an actor,” says West.

An audience member asked the two about making guest appearances on “The Big Bang Theory,” a show in which the four main characters are big super hero/comic book/”Star Trek”-loving nerds.

West says “maybe” he’d be open to it, while Shatner says, “I promise you, I’m going back to L.A. tomorrow. Monday morning I’ll make a call, OK?”

That would be terrific. Sheldon would lose his mind.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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