william shatner cbs video William Shatner makes TV history with '$#*! My Dad Says'William Shatner‘s television career spans more than half a century, but until now he has never been a regular on a sitcom.

That will change in the fall when he stars in “$#*! My Dad Says” on CBS, which will make TV history in two ways: It’s the first sitcom ever based on a Twitter feed, and to our knowledge it’s also the first one whose full title can’t be spoken on the air.

“You can’t say the title of this show on the air — you can only think it,” Shatner says in the clip below. “… We’re making TV history. Not only will it be the funniest show on TV at 8:30 Thursday night, the funniest show on Thursday night, but it’s electronically born. … That’s a first.”

Shatner also reveals that while he has a widely followed Twitter feed of his own, he doesn’t write his own tweets. He understands Twitter’s usefulness as a communication tool, though, so he’s “very careful to tell the people who do the actual typing what I want to say, the questions I want to provoke.”

Shatner and the [stuff] he says will be on CBS Thursday nights in the fall. Here’s what he had to say at the upfronts:

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Posted by:Rick Porter