shatner youtube William Shatner won't participate in George Takei's 'Star Wars'/'Star Trek' peace effortsJust as George Takei seemed to be on his way to brokering the long-overdue peace between “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” fans, William Shatner reinserts himself into the argument. And he wants payback.

The hubbub started in mid-December when Takei put out a video in which he urged Shatner and his legions of “Star Trek” fans to partner up with Carrie Fisher and her millions of “Star Wars” followers to take out the true menace – “Twilight.” But it appears that Shatner has no interest in taking part in this detente.

Shatner writes on his Twitter page on Monday (Jan. 9), “Dear @GeorgeTakei, My response to your magnanimous offer to barter peace. My best, Bill.” This features a link to a video from Captain Kirk himself where he scoffs at Takei’s efforts.

“George, you’re the greatest threat to equanimity and peacefulness. You’ve carried on a feud for all these years. You can’t just dissolve it in a matter of words. Retribution must be paid, George. I need retribution,” Shatner says.

But what form would retribution take? Is this an eye-for-an-eye type scenario that he’s imagining. Or would a simple payoff like a couple of X-Wing Fighters and a Wookie to be named later suffice?

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein