willow smith Willow Smith on 'The Oprah Show': Talks Justin Bieber tour and the 'not so best dressed' listsWillow Smith took a break from whipping her hair to help Oprah Winfrey co-host her “Worlds Most Talented Kids” episode on Tuesday (Mar. 1) and she blew us away with her poise and natural charm that is not normal for any 10-year-old to possess.

The “21st Century Girl” singer told Oprah all about her day-to-day, teaming up with Justin Bieber and those fashion choices.

“It’s a lot of work,” Willow says of her success. “But it’s like, 50% work and 102% fun.”

She keeps a busy schedule, starting off her days with ballet class followed by school and then recording. No doubt she needs to be in tip-top shape for her European tour where she’ll open for the Biebs.

“I am so excited,” Willow gushes. “When he’s performing I get to learn a lot from him. He’s energetic and goes around stage.”

If her everyday fashion choices are any indication, we have no doubt she’ll pick out some crazy costume choices for the stage. At such a young age she’s already topped plenty of best dressed and as Oprah put it, “not so best dressed” lists.

Only adding to our crazy love for this little peanut, when asked if she prefers to be on the best dressed end of things, Willow responds “Doesn’t make a difference.” Not only that, she admits to having a relatively small closet and says that she often donates her clothes.

Will someone please get Willow her own show on the ASAP? That girl is
more naturally gifted than half the hosts on TV today. Make it happen,

The duo spent the hour revisiting talented kids from past episodes and meeting some new ones along the way. Lenny Kravitz even dropped by to surprise one of his biggest (and most talented) fans with a jam session.

We loved the little snippet of 6-year-old Willow making her first appearance on the show. So precious! 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci