wilmer valderrama video Wilmer Valderrama steals Ashton Kutcher's spotlight with 'The Way I Fiesta' music videoWhile Ashton Kutcher is busy taking on the great warlock Charlie Sheen, Wilmer Valderrama is giving Enrique Iglesias a run for his money.

]]>“That ’70s Show” alum just released his first music video as alter-ego “Eduardo Fresco.” The dance tune, titled “The Way I Fiesta,” is directed by Akiva Schaffer of “The Lonely Island” and frankly, leaves us more confused than amused. Oh Fez, you’ve come so far. Yet… still the same. The video chronicles Valderrama as he bumps and grinds against an unsuspecting brunette at the club, eats grapes, and dances with a shirtless guy in a horse mask.   Still intrigued? Watch the video for yourself courtesy of our friends over at TooFab.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci