wilmer valderrama getty Wilmer Valderrama tries drama in NBC's 'REM'Former “That ’70s Show” star Wilmer Valderrama will (possibly) return to network TV in NBC’s drama pilot “REM.”

Valderrama is one of five actors who have been cast in the pilot, which stars Jason Isaacs (“Brotherhood,” “Harry Potter”) and was created by Kyle Killen of “Lone Star.” The others, Deadline reports, are Steve Harris (“Friday Night Lights,” “The Practice”), Laura Allen (“Terriers”), B.D. Wong (“Law & Order: SVU”) and Dylan Minnette (“Saving Grace”).

The show revolves around Isaacs’ character, Mark Britten, a cop who suffers an accident and wakes up to find himself living in two different realities — and he can’t determine which one is actually real. In one of them, his wife died in the accident but his teenage son (Minnette) survived; the circumstances are reversed in the other.

Harris will play Britten’s partner in one world and Valderrama his partner in the other. Wong is set at Britten’s therapist in the reality where Britten’s son is dead, and Allen will play the son’s tennis coach and confidante in the world where he’s still alive.

We know: That’s a lot to keep track of in an hour-long TV show. But it also sounds potentially fascinating; we’re sort of hoping NBC gives “REM” a pickup for next season.

Posted by:Rick Porter