jill wagner wipeout 'Wipeout' host Jill Wagner on the new course: 'My favorites haven't come up yet'“Wipeout” is back on ABC this summer — with almost a completely new set of obstacles for the contestants. Zap2it caught up with host Jill Wagner to dish about the bigger, badder “Wipeout” courses.

“They completely revamped the whole thing and I have to say, my favorites haven’t come up yet,” Wagner teases. “I can’t give it away, but I love how we just added trickery into the course now. As if it wasn’t hard enough now we’re tricking people.”

When asked what her favorite part about the contestants is, she says, “I love the fact that everybody likes to bring stuff for me. One of the executive producers actually told me that one of the episodes is called ‘Feed Jill.’ People bring me food, I don’t know why! But keep it up! Keep it coming.”

We had to ask if Wagner or either of the commentators, John Anderson or John Henson, had ever actually run the “Wipeout” course.

“No, we have not … I think it’s a lot different to actually stand on the side and watch the people go through it every day. I commend the people who come on the course because they have a lot of heart. I wouldn’t do all that stuff. Maybe I would if the cameras were rolling but they would never let me do without the cameras rolling.”

Finally, could Wagner teach us a bit of the bus driver dance we saw on the last episode of “Wipeout?”

“That is a really hard dance and I know a lot of people strive to dance like that. But it’s taken years to perfect.”

“Wipeout” airs Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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