witches of east end 210 joanna girls 'Witches of East End' Season 2, episode 10: Joanna has a death wish

Last week’s “Witches of East End” felt like a season finale, even with there being four episodes left in the season. This week’s episode is an absolute madhouse, with the most maddening part coming from the show’s most stable character, Joanna Beauchamp.

Remember the first season of “Witches”? Remember how it was an easy, breezy witch show with an undercurrent of darkness? The Season 2 promos about how “darkness is rising” were not messing around, and it’s actually amazing how much this show can get away with, even on Lifetime.

Here, the biggest shock of all of this is Joanna’s suicide attempt. The show constantly reminds the audience that she’s had to deal with the deaths and rebirths of Freya and Ingrid for centuries, but at no point had it ever implied that there would be this much of a breaking point. 

Joanna is immortal … unless she dies. This is her curse, and she — for better or worse — accepts it all. But she finally reached the point where dying was all she wanted to do.

“I want to die, and I’m ready to go … It took 400 years, but father finally won.”

To see the strongest Beauchamp witch decide in mind, spirit, and body to finally give it all up just to be with her daughters again packs quite the punch. To see her slit her wrists on a show that just a few weeks prior had disco flashbacks is absolutely jarring.

Joanna is clearly capable of a lot of things, but it never seemed like that would be one of them. Until now.

How did you feel about Joanna’s death wish? Is it the type of thing she’ll just get over with the girls being alive, or is there a lot more darkness to come? What about the rest of the episode, with King back in action, the girls back to life, and Killian’s mysterious Asgard backstory? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson