witches of east end season 2 episode 8 'Witches of East End' Season 2, episode 8 recap: 'Surprise!'It’s Freya and Frederick’s 30th birthday, which means it’s time for all of the characters on “Witches of East End” to celebrate accordingly — with pain and suffering and just a little bit of torture. After all, this is the first time Freya has even been alive long enough to even celebrate a 30th birthday. That really is cause for celebration. As is the extremely appropriate episode title of “Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake.”

So in honor of becoming a full-grown adult, Freya finally confesses the truth to Killian about the two of them being fated and written in the stars. It actually couldn’t have come at a better time, since Eva’s magical grip on Killian is weakening with every passing day. After a night of passion and plans of running together, Killian gives it to Freya straight: “If the stars are crossed, we’ll change them … Let’s make our own destiny, together.”

Of course, that frank declaration doesn’t prevent Eva from doing everything she can to keep her husband from Freya (so he can give her a baby), and as soon as he confronts her, she simply enchants him again — this time making him go to Freya to tell her that this whole night was a mistake and that they can never be together.

Eva isn’t the only one who isn’t a fan of Freya and Killian’s inevitable love connection, though. In a twist,, it looks like in Killian’s time in Asgard, he wasn’t the best version of himself, and Frederick remembers everything about that. In fact, he even warns Killian to stay away from Freya because of it. Thank you, “Witches of East End,” for letting there be a lot more to Killian’s past lives than just his role as Freya’s destiny.

But even though he plays the protective brother here, Frederick isn’t exactly innocent himself, as he and Tarkoff are still on a mission to find a host body for the king. After failing again to find a suitable host, Tarkoff realizes that they’ve been going about all of this the wrong way: Instead of looking for a random host whose fear prevents them from having their body overtaken, they need to look for someone who feels safe and secure, someone whose trust they can gain. Enter Frederick’s girlfriend, who Frederick prepares for the ritual as the episode closes. Poor Caroline. We hardly knew you.

And to add insult to Frederick’s injury, Tarkoff continues to put the moves on the poor guy’s mom, confessing to the Joanna that she was his first love.

It’s an episode full revelations (and strategically-directed nudity), with Tommy also finding out that Wendy is a witch, and Ingrid finally finding out the truth about Dash killing the blackmailer Kyle Hutton and his father. Both are a punch in the gut, because Wendy has to erase Tommy’s memory of even meeting her, and after finally getting together, Ingrid wants nothing to do with Dash.

Happy birthday, Freya.

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