madchen amick witches of east end season 2 'Witches of East End' Season 2 finale: Madchen Amick says 'fans might be in for a shock'To gear up for the Season 2 finale of “Witches of East End,” star Madchen Amick not only spoke with us about what viewers can expect, but she’s taking over Zap2it‘s official Instagram account! Follow along all day Saturday (Oct. 4) as Madchen gives some sneak peeks into her life. In the meantime, check out the interview below, where Amick teases a shocking ending that will leave fans in a frenzy.

Zap2it: Let’s talk about the Season 2 finale. When we last left you, Wendy and Freya were in the past. Is it possible they could become trapped there?
Madchen Amick: We only have a certain amount of time we can spend in the past before we start to un-exist. Something may happen to our gateway back to the future and then we have to scramble and fight for our lives. … Wendy acts responsibly and she does offer up her life for her loved ones [in the finale]. She’ll do what she has to to protect her family, we’ll be exploring that and I think the fans might be in for a shock.

This season has been so crazy, how can the finale possibly top what we’ve seen so far?
The writers have so many great ideas, there are so many storylines involved. They made this amazing, jam-packed season for us and just when you think they can’t top it, they keep topping themselves. There are many things that happen in the two-hour finale that wrap up a lot of on-going storylines, but there are some things left for Season 3, of course.

If there isn’t a Season 3, will the fans be satisfied with the ending or is it a huge cliffhanger that will send fans into a frenzy?

I think it’ll be fans in a frenzy, not gonna lie. It’s so great. It’s incredibly satisfying, but of course, in good “Witches” fashion, there are a few new storylines that are opened up that you just have to see how they’re resolved.

Wendy hasn’t had the most successful relationships. Is she ever going to be lucky in love?
As far as Wendy is concerned, no. She has the worst luck with men! It’s the curse of being a witch. We don’t have many magical people to choose from in our dating pool, who understand our world and the rules we have to live by, so whenever we try to have any form of mortal love life, something bad always happens.

Is there anyone you’d like to see Wendy interact with more? Not necessarily in a romantic way, but someone you’d love to have more scenes with?

Daniel DiTomasso and I were super excited that Wendy and Killian had a scene together recently, because we kept saying the characters obviously know each other, there’s no way Wendy wouldn’t know who her niece is madly in love with. So that was fun. I would like Wendy to have more interactions with both warlocks. I think Wendy needs to put Dash in his place.

Do you prefer playing the funny, one-liner Wendy or the more protect her family at all costs Wendy?
I really enjoy her funny little quips and lines, it’s her armor when something is not going well. I really do love that. But I also love it when Wendy can’t control her anger and you get to see the passion in her and the instinct to protect her family.

Since we just saw DiTomasso get to step into the shoes of Edgar Allen Poe, is there any historical figure you’d love to play as Wendy in a past life?
I think we should reveal that Wendy was Greta Garbo. Greta Garbo was amazing, she was way ahead of her time, very strong female. I think that would be really cool.

The two-hour “Witches of East End” Season 2 finale airs Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime, and don’t forget to follow Madchen’s Zap2it Instagram takeover all day Saturday, Oct. 4 before the finale.

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