witches of east end season 2 comic con panel 'Witches of East End' Season 2 Comic Con spoilers: Nudity, Frillian and Edgar Allen Poe

Sex and death: Two certainties in life, and two certainties on Lifetime’s “Witches of East End.” The cast and producers revealed some Season 2 spoilers at the show’s Thursday afternoon panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, including the fact that some of the characters we know and love will not make it to a potential Season 3.

“Some beloved characters will be with us no more. There’s going to be a lot of twists and turns with Frillian,” in addition to some nudity, teases executive producer Maggie Friedman. “We’re going to explore some past lives and learn some interesting history of the Beauchamp family.” Plus, “We may meet Edgar Allan Poe.”

Sound intriguing? Wait until you hear what else the rowdy bunch spilled during the hour-long panel, which included an extremely long and juicy look at episode 5.


The sexy new monster introduced in the Season 2 premiere came from the producers’ desire to incorporate a new creature that’s not seen on any other show — no vampires, no zombies. “We wanted to create a new kind of monster, which I think we did,” says Friedman.

In a sneak peek of episode 5, airing Sunday, Aug. 2, the audience in the San Diego Convention Center ballroom saw in an extended clip that reveals Joanna will soon uncover the mystery behind the monster — what it is, what it’s doing and why it’s here.

Frillian action

Jenna Dewan Tatum might not have been able to reveal this, but she did, so you can know too: There will be some present day Freya-Killian action. “It’s coming,” she teases, before stopping herself. “Oh wait, can I say that?”

There is a sexy-ass flashback to the ’70s in episode 5, which was directed by Debbie Allen, and Daniel Di Tomasso says the steamy bathroom scene between past life Freya and Killian is only a fraction of what was shot. “The version you see is a little bit watered down.” Don’t worry, the cast is already petitioning for its inclusion in the deleted scenes on the Season 2 DVD.

But don’t get your hopes up too much: “There’s a long road ahead for Frillian and it’s not smooth all the way,” says Friedman.

More sex

Madchen Amick says Aunt Wendy is getting a new love interest. “There’s a new tomcat on the prowl,” she teases, and “he may know how to pet a kitty.” Let’s just say Tommy the EMT knows a lot about anatomy.

Flashback moves

Dewan Tatum has a dance background, and “Witches” will take advantage of that in that same ’70s flashback, which features the actress in a gorgeous red dress dancing her face off in a sequence directed by Allen. “There’s no bigger dancer dream than to do a dance scene with Debbie Allen,” Dewan Tatum says.

Dash is also in the flashback, sporting a super cool mustache. something Eric Winter hasn’t actually done in real life. “It kind of had a mind of its own. It had its own life, its own legacy, it might make a reappearance,” he teases.

Adds Julia Ormond, “The boys like playing wigs and hair stuff in the trailer.” One wall in said trailer is dedicated to photos of said experiments.

Dash and Ingrid?

One scene in the extended episode 5 sneak peek featured Ingrid visiting Dash at work for a checkup. There’s chemistry between the two actors that’s palpable — could that play out on screen? “I’m just checking her blood, making sure she’s good and healthy, doing my job as a doctor,” says Winter.

“There’s an interesting connection because we’ve known each other for so long,” says Boston, but who knows about the future?

Posted by:Jean Bentley