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Frederick. Ingrid’s tentacled boyfriend-monster. Killian hanging out with Bianca Lawson in a tropical paradise. Funky MRIs and scars.

A lot of weird stuff happened in the “Witches of East End” Season 2 premiere, so the obvious questions would be along the lines of “Huh?” and “What happens next?” Thanks to the cast talking to Zap2it, there are a few answers, although definitely not as many as you would like.

Tentacle boy?

Probably the biggest shock of “A Movable Beast” comes when Ingrid (Rachel Boston) sleepwalks her way out into the woods to meet … Her new boyfriend? An Asgardian monster? The creepy alter-ego of Frederick?

While executive producer Maggie Friedman tells TVLine that the fellow is actually called a “Mandragora” (related to the mandrake root, for all you mythology/magic fans), that still doesn’t explain what Ingrid is doing with the guy.

That might need to remain a mystery for awhile at least. Definitely, however, he comes from Asgard and there’s a chance that he might have some friends running around too. “The portal is open,” Madchen Amick (Wendy) tells us. “There’s some enemies floating around in the forest that Wendy has to check out. Our portal is located in the forest.”

This could be a problem.

Is Killian sticking with Eva?

Only slightly lower on the shock scale is the fact that Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) is alive and well and hanging out somewhere tropical-ish with Eva (Lawson).

Why is he in self-imposed exile? “I think again we have to remember where he just came from,” Di Tomassso explains. “He’s poured his heart out, he’s laid it on the line, ‘Come with me or you’re sealing your doom.’ And in his mind, she’s chosen to be with Dash. He doesn’t have a choice but to move on, and I think he really tries to embrace that. He wants to move on, he wants to find his happiness — wherever that may be.”

Dash is moving on … to the attic

If you liked Dash’s attic vibe in the Season 2 premiere, you’re going to be happy this season — Dash (Eric Winter) spends a lot of time in that dusty room. “I have this entire house, why am I sleeping in the attic? … I mean, I guess it’s his man cave, where he can express himself,” says Winter. “The only reason I can justify the idea of the attic is I want to work on my powers and don’t want to have the world be privy to it. That’s the only reason I can feel I moved to the attic.”

Dash might also be moving on to a different Beauchamp sister. After discovering that he and Ingrid share an unusual brain structure, Dash may have an excuse to bond with Freya’s older sister. “There is a family member that I find a connection with,” Winter says. “From that bond, that person gets sort of a pass in my mind. So we form a connection.”

“Witches of East End” Season 2 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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