With Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens slipping from their squeaky-clean Disney pedestals, who’s left for young girls to admire and emulate?

Is there any Hollywood child star a parent can trust not to pose topless, wearing a green lace bra or (gulp) nude?

How about Abigail Breslin?

Kit_kittredgepix_2 The "Little Miss Sunshine" Oscar-nominated Breslin, 11, won the Hottest Coolest Veteran trophy at Sunday night’s Young Hollywood Awards.

How can Abby be a veteran at 11? 

Hey, she started in the biz at age 3 and her first film was "Signs" with Mel Gibson.  And so far, no racy photos!

Her new adventure film, "Nim’s Island," is in theatres now (with Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler). And her new film, "American Girl: Kit Kittredge" (Joan Cusack, Stanley Tucci, Julia Ormond, Chris O’Donnell) will be out in July, making it the first theatrically released American Girl movie.

The film, based on the wildly popular American Girl doll line, is about a little girl who grows up in the Depression and has to help her family survive. Click HERE to watch the trailer. And click HERE to see the open casting call of real girls auditioning for roles in the film.

Turns out Abigail collects and plays with her American Girl dolls. Somehow I have a feeling Miley and Vanessa stopped playing with dolls a long time ago.

Photos: Abigail Breslin signs autographs for her fans at the "Nim’s Island" premiere.

Photo: "American Girl: Kit Kittredge"

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead