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For Wiz Khalifa, the idea is to play with boundaries while maintaining good taste, and it was for this very reason he opted to wear that Joan Jett muscle tank for his recent performance on the MTV Movie Awards.
“I’m just trippy, you know what I’m saying?” The rapper tells Zap2It. “I like to push it. And it just seemed like something that was, like… a staple.”
Though some questioned his knowledge of the punk rock idol’s repertoire, Wiz claims he is a fan. “Well, how can’t you be?”
The rap artist was out in Hollywood promoting his collaborative project with legendary hip hop star Snoop Dogg, a new DVD comedy feature titled “Mac & Devin Go to High School,” in which Wiz plays an overachieving student aimed to set Snoop, his comic foil, straight after years of failed endeavors. 
wiz khalifa joan jett Wiz Khalifa on that Joan Jett tee: 'I'm just trippy'Nevertheless, in reality, it was Wiz who picked up a lesson or two from his forerunner.
“It’s hard not to learn from Snoop,” Wiz says. “But definitely to always be yourself and to remember that, when you show up, it’s cause people want you there, because you’re you. So to always bring you.”
The artist behind “Black and Yellow,” the ubiquitous record of 2011, will release his second album for Atlantic Records this fall, and says to expect that same signature sound along with a style that’s “old and new,” and an even fresher conception than his debut.  
“Just the way we’re going to package it is going to be really different,” he hints. “I don’t want to blow up and be huge just out of nowhere. That’s why I want to take gradual steps, move forward and straight.”
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