thewizardofoz cast 290 'Wizard of Oz' gets limited re release before new DVD version arrivesGive us some of that Emerald City livin’: “The Wizard of Oz” turns 70 this year and looks better than ever, thanks to a facelift.

A great article from the Los Angeles Times‘ Susan King details just how the classic film was restored for this anniversary.

One method? Make the film less colorful. That was possible after Warner Bros. boffins found a 1939 nitrate Technicolor print.

“It had much more midrange colors,” WB Technical Operations VP Ned Price tells King. “It was no so contrasty and you could see much more into the shadow detail. It was less primary color. It was more earth tones and the color didn’t pop as we had it made it previously. It was very colorful but not as colorful as the negative lead us to believe.”

That version will be released Sept. 29 on DVD and Blu-Ray. The restored version is also getting a very limited release tonight — we’re talking just over 400 theaters nationwide — before Tuesday’s DVD release.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser