kidney transplant gi Woman fired after donating kidney to bossIf you were planning to donate an organ to your boss you may want to read this first. Long Island’s Debbie Stevens claims she was fired after donating a kidney to her boss in 2010. Now she’s filed a discrimination suit with New York state regulators in what is being called the “kidney donor case.”

To summarize: Stevens worked off-and-on for Jackie Brucia at the Atlantic Automotive Group. She says she offered to donate her kidney to her ailing boss in 2010. Although she turned out not to be donor match for Brucia, Stevens was able to donate her kidney to someone else, allowing Brucia to move higher up the donor list.

That’s when Stevens says things got illegal. Stevens says her boss pressured her to return to work soon after kidney removal surgery, despite being in pain. When she took off three days to recuperate, she says Brucia yelled at her, berated her in front of other employees, took away her office and demoted her. When Stevens contacted an attorney, she was fired.

The case has yet to be settled.

What do you think? Should Debbie Stevens be compensated for her lost job (and kidney)?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson