phoebe tonkin secret circle Wonder Woman on The CW? Paging Phoebe Tonkin for 'Amazon'Last year, NBC and David Kelley produced a “Wonder Woman” pilot starring Adrianne Palicki that was not picked up by the network, on account of the fact that it was horrible. (Don’t blame Palicki. She had no chance of saving that script.)

We were concerned that such an abysmal take on the story would kill any chance of seeing Wonder Woman on our TV screens any time soon.

Luckily, The CW is willing to give Diana Prince another shot! With the success of “Smallville,” (and our obsession with the upcoming “Arrow”) we’re pretty confident that The CW can pull off the story that Wonder Woman deserves.

Vulture reports that “Grey’s Anatomy” scribe Allan Heinberg is taking the lead on the show, which is called “Amazon” and is being developed for the Fall 2013 season.

In the vein of “Smallville,” “Amazon” will be an origin story, about Diana Prince’s youth and development into the Wonder Woman icon.

Though the project is in very, very early stages right now, we’re going to go ahead and demand suggest that “The Secret Circle” star Phoebe Tonkin be the very first choice for the role. Though “TSC” struggled, Tonkin was a highlight of The CW’s 2011-2012 season and we could not be more excited to see her upcoming role as a werewolf named Hayley on “The Vampire Diaries.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie