The story of “Wonder Woman” is one that has grown quite a bit in recent years, as studios have attempted to reboot the project for both TV and movies. Still, it never seems to come to pass. A show like the 70s version, starring Lynda Carter, wouldn’t really work in the current climate, but is there a way for “Wonder Woman” to be relevant now?
Of course, there’s always a way to make something work and a new short film released online shows that possibility. It features Diana in both a city setting, fending off criminals, and in her homeland, Themyscira.
The concept the filmmakers have come up with for their short is a little rough around the edges but definitely shows that there is some promise in a live-action “Wonder Woman,” whether it be on TV or in movies. More than the 2011 David E. Kelley pilot that never saw the light of day, anyway.
Joss Whedon, who tried to get a “Wonder Woman” movie made, doesn’t think the character works on TV, even though that’s where she gained mainstream popularity. “I don’t think she lends herself to television. I think she only works on an epic scale,” he tells EW. “I saw a bit of the David E. Kelley [pilot]. That was not a good marriage.” However, his feature also was unable to pick up enough steam to get made, which leads many to believe the character is problematic.
If the independent production company Rainfall Films can create a version of “Wonder Woman” that can hold your interest though, perhaps there’s still a chance for the show to become a reality, and a good one at that.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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